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Bien vieillir en île de France :

All of our caregivers are hired with care, their diplomas, training and skills are evaluated by our human resources department.

Each caregiver is continuously trained through internal and external trainings in order to
offer you a better service.

In mandate mode yes, in service mode we constitute a stable team to intervene 7 days a week with you.

In case of force majeure, the services are suspended, for any other case, the person should inform the agency 7 days in advance.

Yes, we offer overnight care for our beneficiaries

Yes, if you prefer to be the employer of your caregiver. To help you, we assist you in the selection, the recruitment, the employment contract, the hiring and its declarative formalities.

Financial Aid :


To be eligible for the APA, you must be in one of the following situations:
- Be over 60 years old
- Reside in France
in loss of autonomy GIR (1 to 4)

Once your file is complete, a professional from your department's medico-social team (ems) comes to your home and draws up an assistance plan. once you have agreed to the proposed assistance plan, you will receive a notification of coverage.

The APA is paid to the recipient:


- the part used to pay for regular assistance is paid monthly.

- the part used to pay for technical aids, home adaptation and temporary or respite care at home, can be paid on a one-time or regular basis (hygiene products)


To be eligible for the PCH, you must be in one of the following situations:


- You have an absolute difficulty in carrying out an activity (mobility, personal maintenance, communication, general tasks and requirements and relations with others). the difficulty is qualified as absolute if the activity cannot be carried out at all by yourself,

- For the first application, you must be under 60 years of age unless you are in one of the following cases:

  • You met the conditions for receiving it before age 60.

  In this case, you can apply for the PCH before your 75th birthday.

  For a renewal, if you were receiving the PCH before the age of 60, you can continue to receive it

  if you meet the conditions of attribution and as long as you do not opt for the allocation personnalisée d'autonomie (APA).

  • You are over 60 years old and still working.

You must reside in France.

The PCH includes 5 forms of assistance:

Human aid: This aid allows you to pay for a home help service or to compensate a family caregiver

Technical assistance: This assistance is intended for the purchase or rental of equipment to compensate for the disability.

Help with home improvements

Transportation assistance

Animal assistance

Retirement fund

  • CNAV : The social action of the national old age insurance fund

    CNRACL : The national pension fund for local authority employees

    MGEN: For retirees but also for people on sick leave or maternity leave

    Other independent complementary funds exist: CAVIMAC, CROPERA,...

  • Help to cope with difficulties in daily life

    – Les aides pour changer de lieu de vie ou améliorer son domicile

    Aid to promote social ties

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