We are a social and medico-social cooperation grouping which was created in 2009 and brings together several associations with complementary home care and assistance activities.
Notre objectif consiste à permettre à la personne fragilisée de rester à domicile en garantissant une qualité de vie selon ses habitudes quotidiennes.

Our values

Le The right to autonomy and dignity are the founding values of our group which is also based on the international definition of health according to the WHO.

It is for this reason that we propose a global approach of the human being in all its dimensions articulated around 4 poles of activities in the fields of the assistance to the elderly, gerontology and the handicap.

Our personnel

Our personnel is carefully selected,their diplomas, training and skills are evaluated by our human resources department

Each caregiver is continuously trained through internal and external training
We pay as much attention to the expertise of our employeesas to their interpersonal skills and their desire to help others.

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