Customised care for you

Each beneficiary under our care is unique
Personal assistance is offered in the form prestataire or mandataire.


Help with getting up and going to bed

Each user receiving personal assistance should continue to exercise their fundamental rights, despite their reduced autonomy...

Our caregivers are there to make your life easier and help you get up and going to bed.


Help with washing, dressing...

The solutions provided to the beneficiary must perfectly meet all of their personal assistance needs...

Our caregivers will help her daily with their grooming as well as with essential gestures.


Living environment's maintenance

This personal assistance service consists in helping you carry out usual household activities but also to make your home suitable, clean and pleasant to live in.

Our professionals will contribute to the improvement of your daily life.


Help with groceries and meal assistance

Helping the elderly at home is one of our essential values to which we pay particular attention...

Our caregivers will accompany you for the preparation and the taking of meals. 

Personal assistance tailored to your autonomy...


Meal delivery

from hospital or when you have a daily need. discharged from hospital or in case of daily need..

To take advantage of this service, you can now order your balanced, fresh meals delivered to your home.


Mobility assistance

Mobility is an essential factor in the social linkwhich is why our group has chosen to integrate it into its personal assistance services.

Our caregivers will accompany you during your walks or groceries.


Handicraft and gardening

This service carries out your small renovations, maintenance of the interior and the exterior of your house.

You can call on our professionals to assemble a piece of furniture, install shelves, repair a toilet flush or even for other small maintenance work in your garden.


Assisted transportation

In each of our agencies, a tourist vehicle is dedicated to local assisted transport.
People in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility are provided with an adapted vehicle for their assisted transport.

On a daily basis, this service carries out all your local assisted travel locally


Serenity offer, remote assistance service

This service allows you to stay connected day and night with a specialised team available 24 hours a day.

If you need help, press the call button on your equipment.

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